Salt baked beetroots

with pickled mustard seeds and whipped goat cheese and
Skeppsholmen´s own honey

165 SEK
Creamy mushroom soup

with crispy quail legs

Potato cake

cake with vendace roe, red onion, chives and lemon

Steak tartare

with dijonnaise, capers, beetroots and cress

Main Courses

Potato dumplings

filled with cep mushrooms and Västerbotten cheese, mushroom
broth and pickled root vegetables

279 SEK
Grilled portabello mushroom

with roasted pumpkin, parsnip pure and salt roasted almonds

275 SEK
Shrimp sandwich

with egg, mayonnaise, red onion, chives and radish

295 SEK
Grillad fjällröding

med smörstekt svamp och svartrötter, len blomkålspuré och vitvinssås

395 SEK
Deep fried perch

with French fries, tartar sauce and broccoli

375 SEK

with cream sauce, lingonberries, and potato puree

240 SEK
Our homemade veal sausage

with fried onions, potato puree, red wine jus and
mustard pickled yellow beets

315 SEK

Bits and pieces

French fries

with truffle mayonnaise

65 SEK
Root vegetable chips

with black garlic and herb dipping sauce

75 SEK
Olives, cornichons and chili
89 SEK
Cheese platter

with Swedish cheese

245 SEK


Lukewarm cheese from Jurss diary

cloudberry compote, fried parsley and hazelnuts

175 SEK
Tarte tatine

e with apple from our garden with vanilla ice
cream and nut crust

165 SEK
Crème caramel

with raspberry sorbet and honey crisp

145 SEK
A scope of today´s ice cream or sorbet
49 SEK
Coffee sweets
65 SEK

A glass before the meal?

160 SEK
Hendricks Gin tonic
190 SEK
Aperol spritz
155 SEK
Oddbird non-alcoholic
115 SEK


38 SEK
65 SEK