Baptisim & Naming ceremony

Invite to baptism or naming ceremony at Hotel Skeppsholmen. Gather family and friends for one of life's memorable moments.

Baptism or naming ceremony is a big day for the family where we at Hotel Skeppsholmen want you to enjoy the moment. Baptism or naming ceremony fits well in several of our unique premises. We tailor your reception exactly as you wish. Hotel Skeppsholmen is the perfect place for a memorable moment with family and friends.

Skridskopaviljongen, previously called the Royal Skating and Rowing Club's pavilion, is a beautiful brick building on Kastellholmen. In the 1860s, when skating was extremely popular among the upper classes of society, the Royal Skridskoklubben was formed in Stockholm. The skating pavilion then became the royal family's warming cabin when they rested between rinks. We are proud that the pavilion is still used for pleasure today and invites you to one of Stockholm's most beautiful rooms with a lot of history. A perfect dining room for baptisms. In Skridskopaviljongen, we arrange baptisms for up to 40 seated guests, alternatively 70 standing.

In Hotel Skeppsholmen's main building is the Sjöofficersmässen, a beautiful dining room built in the 19th century. Naval officers have celebrated here for over 250 years, something we want to take care of. A bright and magnificent hall with original decor and antique shutters creates a warm and genuine environment. Historical details meet contemporary design in the form of Claesson Koivisto Rune, which created a unique environment at Hotel Skeppsholmen. The naval officers' fair has capacity for 80 seated guests, thanks to elegant sliding walls the room can be adapted to the size of the party.

No matter how you want the christening to look like, we will help arrange an unforgettable day or evening.