Welcome to our unique urban oasis where we, together with you, create memorable moments for corporate parties and dinners. In our versatile event spaces, you can organize everything from small and intimate gatherings for 20 guests to grand parties for up to 100 guests.

For your dear guests, we offer 77 elegant rooms and suites for a relaxing stay after a festive evening. Nestled in the fantastic environment close to the city center, we not only offer a captivating atmosphere but also a spectacular setting. Our award-winning cuisine, served either as a set menu or buffet, is carefully curated and perfectly complemented by a selection of exquisite wines.

To give your party an extra touch, we have a wide network of DJs and florists who can create an atmosphere that suits your preferences. Additionally, you can take advantage of our close proximity to the open sea for fun and memorable activities.

For a complete arrangement, it's a delightful idea to combine both our venues, where dinner can be enjoyed in the Sjöofficersmässen followed by an evening of drinks, mingling, and dancing in Skridskopaviljongen. Let us create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests!