We celebrate Easter with lovely lunches and long dinners. On the tranquil oasis Skeppsholmen in the middle of Stockholm, snowdrops already appeared in our garden and when the sun shines on the island are there plenty of lovely spots to cozy up to. We continue to celebrate the Swedish food heritage wich serves a six course Easter menu full of the early spring ingredients and our chefs handcraft.


Poched egg from Gotland with black truffle and hollandaise

Aspargus with browned butter and roasted hazelnuts

Salmontartar with chives, cucumber, mustard, smetana, chives and horse radish

Herb seasoned rost of lamb with carrots,cauliflower,redonion and goatcheese flavoured potatocake

Lemon sorbet

Frozen raspberry mousse with baked rhubarb, berries and marzipan

635 SEK

Wine package 495 SEK

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