Lunch & Dining Room

"In our restaurant Långa Raden our ambition is to create a comfortable environment where hotel guests mix with Stockholmers and other guests from near and far. The food reflects our Swedish food heritage in contemporary simplicity and cooked with care, of seasonal ingredients ".


Whitefish roe with präst cheese royal,whipped crème fraiche, red onion, chives and lemon
255 SEK

Matjes herring from Norröna with browned butter, boiled egg, red onion, chives and new potatoes
1/2 135 SEK 1/1 195 SEK

Creamy Jerusalem artichoke soup with butter fried funnel mushrooms and bread crisp 
175 SEK

Main courses

Classic potato dumplings filled with cep served with prästcheese foam, pickled carrot, roasted hazelnuts and lingon berries
235 SEK

Grilled trout from Föglö with shripms, lobster bullion, crushed root vegetables and grated horseradish
275 SEK

Our black pudding with grilled bacon, lingon berries, red onion, appel and cabbage  
215 SEK

Gras fed 4 weeks dry aged and spice grilled sirloin with garlic butter, herb seasoned salad and french fries 
                                                                           385 SEK

Always at Långa Raden

Our classic shrimp sandwich, with soft boiled egg, red onion, lettuce and grilled sourdough bread
220 SEK

Shrimp salad with dill flavoured wheat and Nobis dressing 
230 SEK

Långa radens meat balls with cream sauce, potato purée, pickled cucumber and lingon berries 
199 SEK

Skeppsholms sausage in bread with creamed truffle funnel cauliflower, crispy onions and chef Magnus Skeppsholms mustard
215 SEK


Lemon pie with meringue and vanilla ice cream
115 SEK

 Pear pasty with almond crumbles and mint flavoured chocolate ice cream
105 SEK

Caramelized milk chocolate pudding
95 SEK

Raspberry mousse filled with licorice
95 SEK

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